Fairweather Manor 2: April 14 - 17, 2016

Apr 14 2016 15:00 - Apr 17 2016 12:00

Zamek Moszna, Zamkowa 1, Moszna 47370

This the signup page for the larp Fairweather Manor 2: April 14 - 17, 2016

When you sign up for the larp, you choose which kind of character you want to play. There are a limited number of characters of each type, so when there are no more, there are no more.

Participation tickets are personal, and non-refundable. However, ever time there is a cancellation (and they happen), we'll try to find a replacement. If we find a replacement participant, the cancelling participant will get 300€ back - or 400€ if you've chosen costume rental as well.

When you have signed up

Nothing happens after you've signed up. You don't get an info mail, a welcome letter or anything as such. The reason for this is that we're right now in January, and we're busy tweaking the design and rewriting all the character from the first Fairweather Manor run (which we did in Nov 2015). As soon as we're done with all the characters, we'll being asking you all for casting wishes, practical info, and so on.

But for now, we're restructuring, so we can use all the stuff we learned from the first larp to make you experience better. This means that if you have questions, you're more than welcome to mail us. We have a ton of info. We're just not sharing it yet, since it's easier to do in bulk. ;-)

The Waiting Pool

If you didn't get a ticket, you're more than welcome to sign up for the Waiting Pool. This is free, and is done via the signup page.

Experience shows that around 5-15% of participants end up cancelling for any given larp, so signing up for the waiting pool is an excellent idea.


If you have questions of any kind, write to us (claus.raasted@gmail.com) and we'll do our best to answer them! ;-)

Bus leaves Wrocław Airport at 13.00, Thursday.

Bus leaves Moszna at 10.30, Sunday.

Female Servant Character

Not Available

Male Servant Character

Not Available

Female Noble Character

Not Available

Male Noble Character

Not Available

Female Artist Character

Not Available

Male Artist Character

Not Available

Female Expert Character

Not Available

Male Expert Character

Not Available

Costume Rental

Not Available

Waiting Pool

Not Available

Wroclaw Bus

Not Available