Fighting Food Waste

Dec 15 2019 15:00 - 18:00

Borups Allé 205, 2400 København

Fighting Food Waste

We all know it: about one third of food produced each year is wasted. It shouldn't be this way. What can we do to reduce food waste? And what structures do already exist to save food from the garbage?

Copenhagen has many activists and organisations who fight food waste: from buying expiring food (which is still good for a few days) to donating leftover food, from converting supermarkets to creating a sharing economy for unsold food. Great work! But also hard work with many challenges.

FIGHTING FOOD WASTE brings together these activists, campaigners and individuals interested in reducing food waste to discuss their strategies and to develop a better approach, for example by smoothing out logistics. Let's collaborate to make our mission easier!

This event will be facilitated using various visual methods to get as much out of this meeting as possible. You can expect exciting introductions by everyone involved, a serious brainstorming session on how things are currently done, sharing of stories and dreaming of better futures, and finally a goal-oriented final exercise to make the system better.

FIGHTING FOOD WASTE is hosted by One Bowl, a non-profit community restaurant, where it is part of a larger event FIGHTING FOOD WASTE TOGETHER to raise awareness of this important topic. After the workshop, One Bowl and Foodsharing Copenhagen are offering a wonderful dinner using surplus food: TASTE THE WASTE. You are warmly invited to be part of the community by sharing food and stories from 6 pm until 9 pm!


This workshop has as goal to bring together organisations and individuals who are active in the field of fighting food waste to:

1) get to know who is who through short presentations by each participating organisation/individual. If you wish you can bring a PPT with max. 4 slides played automatically at 30 sec. each (= 2 minutes intro).

2) understand how everyone works by mapping out the logistics with markers on a large sheet, creating together a map of places and people.

3) share experiences how things are done through collaborative visualisation and storytelling.

4) discuss the challenges and think together how these problems could be solved, potentially through collaboration between participants, through a brainstorming session with large post-it notes and diagrams

5) decide on specific action points to improve the current methods used by the participating organisations and individuals, using the appropriate ‘gamestorming’ exercise and setting an agenda for the future.

6) create a 'wish list' of how we imagine that the system could be made more effective.

During the 3-hour workshop, many photos will be taken for you to keep, to remember the process and ideas. You will receive an email with pictures and notes from the meeting.

The workshop is followed by a pay-as-you-wish dinner, during which you can continue networking and exchanging ideas.

This meeting is designed and facilitated by Agnieszka Mlicka,, see more information below.


Visual Agency facilitates meetings, workshops and courses using the low-tech method of collaborative visualisation. That's because the process of talking and drawing together encourages creative thinking. It also makes meetings fun. And memorable. You will take away a picture of the meetup that will remind you of all the ideas, you will feel inspired and energised, and you'll have experienced the satisfaction of great team-building.

Each event is designed as a unique experience, engaging the participants in a journey of exploration using a game-like approach. Working in small groups, you will challenge each other using question cards, you will share ideas by drawing together to see the bigger picture, and you will imagine alternatives through story-telling. In short, we stimulate curiosity, creativity and collaboration.


Visual Agency is a Copenhagen-based social art practice run by Agnieszka Mlicka. With a background in Fine Art (BFA University of Oxford and MA University of the Arts London) and 6-year PhD research, Agnieszka has found a passion for bringing people together and stimulating collaborative, critical and creative thinking. The concept of gaining 'visual agency' emerged from this research, in which she explored how people can feel empowered by employing visual communication in meetings - not just post-it notes, but collaborative visualisation of ideas.

Agnieszka has designed and facilitated over 40 workshops, amongst others for the University of Copenhagen, the NGO Crossing Borders, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Endrup Skole in Frederiksberg, the Copenhagen Professional Networking Group at Internations and a diversity of informal groups (for example UAL:DK Alumni, CPH Creative Studio, Fionia Hus Neighbours Community). She has also facilitated spatial thinking workshops with architects and students of architecture in London, Florence and Hong Kong.


"I really enjoyed the workshop that Agnieszka organized. It was well structured and enabled all the participants to think in a novel and creative way."

"I've taken part in a number of projects with Agi and participated in one of her courses - discovering Visual Agency has changed so much for me! It's a fantastic concept to bring ideas together and capture them in a unique way."

"I was part of the first batch that completed the course on creativity. I have only positive experiences. The facilitator is a creative artist and an inspiring teacher, who takes you on a journey of creativity."

"Another great part of the course, was the opportunity to meet other expats in Copenhagen and make new friends.