Honeyland Festival 2017

Aug 03 2017 16:00 - Aug 07 2017 00:00

Honeyland Palace, Blåholtvej 16, 3770 Bornholm

Honeyland Festival - The festival about making a festival

Choose between regular ticket or half-part volunteer ticket. We also offer easy and cheap transportation back and forth from Copenhagen. Want to work as a full-time volunteer? - Contact volunteer@honeyland.dk



Sponsored by:

Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen. Sparekassen Bornholms Fond
Bornholms Regionskommune Musik- og Teaterråd
Nordea Fonden

Honey Bee (4 hours of work)

Not Available

Dazing Bee (normal)

Not Available

Buzz Bee (transport only)

Not Available