Junkyard Drive & Lucer

Kasernevej 21, 4700 Næstved
Oct 27 2018 19:00 - 23:59
Super organiser
Tickets DKK 100.00
Tickets DKK 100.00

Junkyard Drive is on everyone's lips these days and with their Cock-Rockin Rock N’ Roll act, they promise a party where no beer tape will be dry. Junkyard Drive is a well-played band and they have toured all over Denmark for the past 3 years. They have also played in Germany, Netherland, and Latvia with great success. In October 2016, they toured in USA and Mexico to perform songs from their debut album in Florida, Texas, Monterrey, Saltillo and Mexico City.The 2nd of January Junkyard Drive released their major hit “Geordie” who got them well know in the whole country from one day to another. The single “Geordie“ has been played non-stop on P4, myROCK, and Nova, and has been featured on the Itunes hit list. No. 2 on the Rock list (just below Volbeat - For evigt) and No. 19 on the overall hit list, where they have surpassed artists like Lukas Graham.Junkyard Drive released their debut album ”Sin & Tonic” the 17th of February 2017, which reflects Rock N’ Roll from the 80’s, with a modern twist. The record is mixed and produced by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Dead Daisies, Electric Guitars), recorded live at Medley Studios in Copenhagen. The album has been praised by critics both in Denmark and abroad, and the magazine “Metallized “ describes the album as "An Impressive, Admiring, Majestic Masterpiece" in their review, giving the album 10 out of 10 stars.Junkyard Drive’s reputation is to be one of the most energetic and explosive live bands in Denmark. Wearing black leather jackets, they capture the audience in their old school Rock 'N' Roll. In the 80s Guns N 'Roses was called' 'The most dangerous band in the world' 'in Denmark in 2017 the band is called Junkyard Drive! So if you are into straightforward, honest Rock N’ Roll, Junkyard Drive is here to answer your prayers!

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