Meal ticket Move Copenhagen 2017

Jul 13 2017 12:00 - Jul 16 2017 14:00

Move Copenhagen, Refshaleøen 151, 1432 København K


Move Copenhagen wants the meals to be a central gathering for everyone. This year, like eat Move16, we have chosen to collaborate with Aamanns, with whom we have created a menu to support four main needs: low price, good quality, a satiating volume and a logistic setup where 500 people can get their meals without waiting too much. We believe that this deal with Aamanns meets all four needs.

This meal ticket includes 9 meals during Move17. Please note that all meals have a vegan choice which is also gluten and lactose free.

You get:
3 morning meals (Fri, Sat, Sun). Breakfast for champs - healthy, various and tasty.
3 lunch meals (Fri, Sat, Sun). Lunch for the hungry ones - filling, imaginative and sustainable
3 dinner meals (Thurs, Fri, Sat). Dinners for winners - delicious, creative and a perfect ending of the day

In order to manage the logistics, it is not possible to purchase single meals.

All mornings meals, Thursday night dinner, and Sunday lunch is prepared by Move Community Kitchen - where you help preparing the meals. The rest of the meals are form the gentle hands of Aamanns.

See the full menu on

Last chance to buy your meal ticket is July 1st - it's not possible to buy tickets on arrival!

Move Family meal tickets covers; Friday lunch and dinner, Saturday morning, lunch and dinner.

About Aamanns

Since 2006, Aamanns has been known for its reinterpretation of smørrebrød (Danish open-faced sandwich). Some of that which Aamanns is particularly known for is that all the ingredients of the sandwiches at is carefully thought out and has a specific purpose to create interaction with the other ingredients. It can either be part of the flavor, part of the texture, or aesthetics.

Therefore, Aamanns serves not just smørrebrød in the traditional sense, but serves smørrebrød where taste and quality of ingredients is in focus. This also applies when Aamanns providing food for various events. Taste and quality is always in focus, whether it is about sandwiches or other dishes.

Aamanns values quality, sustainability and ecology, and only use meat from free-range animals, and all cereals and dairy products are organic.

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Normal Meal Ticket

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Vegan Mael Ticket (gluten and lactose free)

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Normal Meal ticket Move Family ONLY (Adults)

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Vegan Meal ticket Move Family ONLY (Adults)

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Normal Meal ticket Move Family ONLY (Children)

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Vegan Meal ticket Move Family ONLY (Children)

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