Meetup with an expert in business law - Christoffer Jørgensen

Mar 16 2016 10:00 - 12:45
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Tickets DKK 50.00
Tickets DKK 50.00

Do you look for an easy access to legal advice for your small or medium sized business?

What is your biggest hurdle right now? Do you need to form a contract with your closest partner? To hire your first employee? Or set up a web-shop to boost direct sales? The questions may vary depending on the stage and scope of your business, but if you look for an easy access to a legal advise, Christoffer Jørgensen might be the one you need to talk to.

It is Christoffer's experience to identify legal issues even with a limited amount of time and provide you an advice that often is all you need to get going. Come to meet him one-on-one and get personal consultation that will put you to the right path.

About an expert: Christoffer Jørgensen, lawyer and small business owner. He advises businesses within various aspects of business law, such as contract, company law, terms of sale, e-commerce, and aspects in relation to real estate and lease contracts.

About event: 'Meetup with an expert' - an informal, Q&A based meeting over coffee with an expert of some particular field. You bring the questions, expert answers. A meetup is a part of Republikskolen - an educational platform nurtured by Republikken.

You will be served tea and coffee during a meetup.

Price: 50dkk / Free for Republikken members

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Meetup with an expert in business law - Christoffer Jørgensen

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