Morning Academy: Tell Me About Yourself + Community lunch

Nov 10 2018 09:30 - 14:00

ArtRebels HQ, Sturlasgade 14, 2300 København

Who are you?

Conversations tend to begin with a question of what we do and how we do it, rather than who we are as people and what we believe in. Some of us have only a vague idea of our identities and values, and even for those with a solid self-understanding it can be so difficult to formulate it into language.

Holley Murchison is a multimedia storyteller, education producer and learning and development strategist amplifying marginalised and disadvantaged voices to catalyse change.

What you'll explore

This is a Masterclass for creative minds with promising ideas who struggle to compellingly articulate the layers of themselves and their work. We’ll focus on crafting meaningful and tangible personal narratives by first building an intangible understanding of ourselves and our personal values. The session will unfold by:

  • Sourcing internal values to craft an honest, compelling personal narrative,
  • Using that narrative to initiate a more meaningful conversation that fosters genuine connections and partnerships, and
  • Cultivating and sustaining the confidence to propel ideas to action.


09.30-10.00 Croissant and coffee 
10.00-13.00 Academy: Tell Me About Yourself
13.00-14.00 Community lunch

Morning Academy: Tell Me About Yourself + Community lunch Not Available