Natasja Legacy 10+ years remembrance 2018

Jun 22 2018 19:00 - Jun 23 2018 01:00

Pumpehuset, Studiestræde 52, 1554 København

Natasja 10+ years Remembrance
Will be celebrated on the 22nd of June 2018, Grå Hal Christiania

ANTHONY B (Jamaica)

Bikstok Røgsystem
Lirical - Raske Penge - Karen Mukupa - I Lawy - HydePark - Kaka -
Chin Ono - Yepha – Al Agami - Hafizi Crew

Sky Juice Promotions Show Case Feat:: - Jah Turban - Coco P - Lirical - Lotta D$ - Jah Bobby - Wendy Wonder
DJs & sounds - Phase 5 & Yo-A-Kim
Sky Juice Sound (Dj Shorty & Dc Jah Man) - Universal So und (Benji, Adam & Fresh-I)
Workshop on Tasha music life (Turbo Niels )+ more
Jamaican Food Available
BeYou Skin-care Available

Update info

It’s been a little more than 10+ years since Natasja she passed. We would have celebrated it last year but nothing happens before the time is right.
Natasja lived life to the max, she was fascinating, versatile in a different way than most and open on life, culture and people.
One of her main achievements was to win the IRIE FM Red stripe music competition in Jamaica 2006. Making her mark as the dancehall queen in Scandinavia and earning massive respect within Jamaica’s reggae scene.
Unfortunately passing away one year later 2007.
Music was key in her life and therefore we want to make this celebration, unforgettable to the fullest and in her spirit!
If Natasja was still alive today, she would appreciate the love shown by all the blessed people around.

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