Nov 24 2018 18:00 - 23:59

Kongebryg Aps, Kasernevej 21, 4700 Næstved

Since the band’s formation in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008, RISING has displayed their relentless, crushing tones, fierce musicianship and a strong sense for melody and songwriting combining straightforward classic metal elements with the mammoth amplification and persuasion of upbeat sludge/doom metal. The band’s discography began with two initial self-released EP’s, and later with two full-length albums “To Solemn Ash” (2011) and “Abominor” (2013). RISING backed the initial EP's and the debut album with several tours in Denmark and mainland Europe along with festival appearances such as Roskilde (DK), Copenhell (DK) and Hultsfred (SWE). After the recording of the second album “Abominor”, the trio disbanded due to creative disagreements, leaving the future of RISING and the new album uncertain, while “Abominor" subsequently saw its release on guitarist and main composer Jacob Krogholt’s newly founded label Indisciplinarian.


DKK 100.00 + DKK 12.49 fee