Skyr Tasting- Thora Valsdottir

Apr 28 2018 16:30 - 17:30

Børnenes Madhus, Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 København

Skyr Tasting - Thora Valsdottir

Did you know that Skyr is a cheese, not a yogurt? That it has a specific fermenting culture; Streptococcus Thermophilus and other healthy bacteria and yeasts? Did you know that it came to Iceland with the first Nordic settlers by the end of the 9th century and has been made ever since, also when it disappeared from the other Nordic countries?

Attend this Skyr workshop and taste the difference between the “good old Icelandic Skyr” and others sold now all over the world. The traditional Icelandic Skyr you will be tasting has been a Slow Food Presidia since 2015 after being on board of the Ark of Taste for 10 years.

By the time of the Icelandic sagas, we know that the consistency of Skyr was different from one farm to another. It was the basis of the family nutrition and has been used not only as a fresh cheese, but for conservation of meat too. It was produced mainly out of ewe and goat milk, sometimes out of cow milk. Join the tasting and make a guess which animal the milk comes from.

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Skyr Tasting- Thora Valsdottir

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