Slow Fish- Finnish Tasting Workshop

Apr 28 2018 11:00 - 12:15

Børnenes Madhus, Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 København

Slow Fish- Finish Tasting Workshop

Sustainable use of low valued wild fish - Järki Särki (mört/rutilus rutilus)

Presented by Marja Komppa Chef Benjamin Frostell.

Järki Särki is delicious, preserved fish, wild caught from the lakes of Finland and seasoned with simple, local, organic ingredients. The old Finnish proverb –“Eating särki makes you wiser!” – is not just a saying. Fish are a unique source of protein, omega-3 oils, and vitamin D.

As winters are long in Finland, beekeepers have to find something else to do for their living in summer months. And as Finland has nearly 190 000 lakes, there’s plenty of fish. That’s how the idea for Järki Särki was born. Native to the most of the region, särki (mört in Swedish or rutilus rutilus in Latin) was once a common Nordic food source. But as the commercial fishing industry has turned away from small fishes in the cyprinid family in favor of larger varieties, the särki, disappeared from our dinner tables. Järki Särki’s goal is to reintroduce the native Nordic lake water fish to the table.

As a local product made with organic ingredients and packed in recyclable glass, Järki Särki offers consumers an ecological alternative to other fish products whose overconsumption has led to overfishing and endangerment of those species. Järki Särki’s production practices help to rectify environmental issues by restoring the balance among all fish populations in the local ecosystem. By taking advantage of previously ignored Nordic resources, Järki Särki guards against food waste before it even reaches the table.

Järki Särki is an active advocate for undervalued native fish and has been widely recognized in the Finnish and international culinary community. Järki Särki received the gold medal at the Finnish Mastership in Artisan food in 2017 and was also a finalist for the Nordic Embla prize in 2017. Come and learn more about and taste this sustainable lake water fish….

Tickets: 50 DKK

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Slow Fish- Finnish Tasting Workshop

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