Somewhere Festival 2017

Sep 08 2017 15:00 - Sep 10 2017 22:00

Boesdal Kalkbrud, Boesdalsvej 14, 4673 Rødvig Stevns


Ravers from the North, Party People of the East, Free Spirits from the South and Dancers of the West, come join us and become part of Somewhere, where borders don’t matter and sharing comes naturally.

Somewhere along the coast of the Baltic Sea, 1½ hours from Copenhagen, we will be rejoined this September to continue what began 4 years ago in Copenhagen’s South Harbor.

Our community consists of artists, pirates, explorers of the night and other magical creatures and is known to be friendly towards new faces.

This year’s Festival will offer room for a circle of 900 friends.

Music will carry you through sunny hours and sparkling nights on three floors, each curated by a crew from Denmark, Germany or Sweden, just like last year.

So if you’re curious, here’s the bargain: We offer you to be one of the colors with which the Universe brushes the canvass of this year’s Somewhere Festival…

We ask you to add your own uniqueness and beauty to the recipe for the magic of the moments at Somewhere.

In return for this most precious gift, we will do everything we can to help you tune into your highest potential, for you to realize the alignment of everything you experience within and outside of yourself.

Our crew will always be around for you when you need them.

There will be delicious, fresh food whenever you feel hungry and professional masseuses and masseurs will offer you their services as well.

We will also assemble a small market-place to which we want to warmly invite you.

If you’re feeling that familiar tingle in your tummy, your eyes are getting wider as you read or if your feet are starting to move impatiently, these may be just some of the signs that you already have a small crush on Somewhere.


The Somewhere Festival will be held at the Boesdal Kalkbrud, a very special location 1½ hours from Copenhagen.

It is an open chalk mine full of magic that invites you to discover an area as old as 80 million years.

The location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So we ask you to be especially careful of your surroundings as you take part in the Somewhere Festival.

Leave no trace…

The area of the Festival includes a rocky beach, camping space for 900 visitors, three stages - each hosted by a crew from Denmark, Germany or Sweden – and a mysterious 12-sided Pyramid.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rene (Keine Party, DE)
10 MARK DJ TEAM (Mensch Meier, DE)
Luke Redford (Miteinander (Zürich, CH)
Sari (Zürich, CH)
Miel & Oswald Twist (Gänge Viertel, DE)
Gwen Wayne (Moloch, DE)
Traveller X (Madrid, ES)
Henna Starla (Keine Party, DE)
Show Kati + Katasha (Radio Reudnitz, DE)
Frie (Der Mädchen und Das Junge, DE)
Jens (Der Mädchen und Das Junge, Laut und Luise, DE)
Crille& Tamalt (Minibar/Halb Mensch Halb Techno, DE)
Saphear- Live (Kybele, DE)
Starlight Express (Tour de Farce, DE)
Nele (Radio Reudnitz, DE)
Katja Komoredi (Helltownchicks, DE)
Douché (Douché & Cabana, DE)
Moog Conspiracy (Elektrotribe, DE)
Rumpistol (DK)
Strung Fellows (Skydeklubben, DK)
Twins of Destruction (DK)
Mäuse Gerät (EKG, DK)
Al Lindrum (EKG, DK)
Bendix (EKG, DK)
Mute State (DK)
Sorin& Malle (DK)
Mortox (DK)
Disfunctional Disco (Kulturshot, DK)
Fremond (Kulturshot, DK)
Enurt (Radiator, DK)
JOSKI (Crave, DK)
Rasmus Rekyl (Wake, DK)
Erik Berg (SE)
Bongo & Pusk (Natmaskinen, DK)
Møltov (DK)
Paloma (Karavane 908, DK)
Schlomniwatz (Keller, DE)
The Hunts (Moist, DK)
The Jonasbrothers (Sunrise Rave Club, SE)
Lasse Berlok (DK)
Discoshaman (Stingray Vision Records, DK)
Rut Fessler (Astrum, SE)
Somoah (POMMES 94, SE)
Katz-K (POMMES 94, SE)
Klövn (POMMES 94, Live, SE)
Behrang Mohammadi (Spazio, SE)
MLVKS50 (Astrum, SE)
Defusion (POMMES 94, SE)
Katz Lion (POMMES 94, SE)
Arent Volten (The Forgotten/Live, Mex)
Tegelbruk (BSL NRTH/Live, SE)
Nos (Live, SE)
Ulf Eriksson (Kontra Musik, SE)
Almaty (Potent Pussy, SE)
Kristian Andersen (Fast Forward, DK)
Sugar (Fast Forward, DK)
Troels Hass (Fast Forward, DK)
Istrefi (Fast Forward, DK) Live
Funeral Future (Fast Forward, DK) Live
Kontrastera (Astrum, SE)
Hlýnun jarðar (Plútó, IS)
Sev Dah (Mote Evolver/Proletarejat, SE)
Flamingus (Pommes 94, Live, SE)
Árni Skeng (Plútó, IS)
Alexander Wallon (SE)
Hidden People (NonYoBiz Records, IS)
Fruit (Twin Cities / Normal Fun, IS)
Keikoman (Normal Fun, IS)
LaFontaine (199X, IS)
ThizOne (FALK / Sweaty Records, IS)
Volruptus (трип / bbbbbb / Sweaty Records, IS)
DJ Speedway & Lord Halland (LDK, SE)

...and more to come.. NON STOP...

Agne Smile
Maiken Stæhr
Bjarke Jepsen
Andreas Tang
Miki Skak
Photon Visuals
Chris Calmer
Alexander Fog
Oskar Jakobsen
Rakel Sölvadóttir
Andreas Tange van Leeuwen
Frederik Albrecht
Esben Gyldenløve
Filip Vest
Gilbert Gordon
Yujin Jung
Ann Maja Bøcker Simonsen
Victor Ocares
Jens August Lindqvist
Svend Sømod
Kristian Alexander Minthe Norden
Nellie Lindquist
Lil Jewels
Martin Stebbing


* * * * * * The Exotic Caribbean Corner * * * * * *
“Travel to a tropical island with The Caribbean Corner, serving colorful plates of fresh salats, tasty stews and grilled goods. Healthy, exotic and almost gourmet… In the corner you find vegetarian as well as meat options, and in the mornings there are brunch and fruits to start the day.

* * * * * * * * * * * En by i Jylland * * * * * * * * * * *
In a cosy corner of “En by I Jylland” we chill and refresh ourselves with a selection of fresh homemade food, snacks and lemonade. Come taste a Danish berry classic “Rød Grød med Fløde”, hot vegan soups or just a shot of ginger-selfcare. Vegan porridge for all-day-mornings and fresh cake for munchie mouths. Breathe and fill yourself with a power-bar, a chai tea or simply enjoy "En By i Jylland" at a cosy corner Somewhere.

* * * * * * * * * * The Fat Vegan * * * * * * * * * * *
Come and get your vegan munch on at The Fat Vegan. Serving you a greasy homemade burger, double fried fries, and freshly squeezed juice. Craving the sweets? Get a hot waffle, a handy raw super ball or a sweet fruit salad with chocolate and enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee. We look forward to have you come and chill with us in our inventive, odd and cosy area.

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