The Art of Acting

Feb 20 2013 18:30 - 21:00

Lokale No.19, Østerbrogade 240, Svanemøllenhallen, 2100 København Ø

In brief:

In its second edition this workshop will escalate from techniques for forming a character, towards creating a final solo performance.

The workshop will be divided in three theme-focused modules of five sessions each. The two first modules will offer physical, emotional, and intellectual tools equipping participants to create a 10-minute solo performance in the third module, which utilizes all the elements offered in the previous modules. The classes and the development of solo performances will be instructed and supported by professional director and acting teacher Marcello Bosschar.

The workshop is 75% sponsored by Østerbro Lokaludvalg and open to all. For registering, please send us a short motivation letter by February 6th the latest! (see instructions below J).

Curriculum of the three modules

1. Physical and vocal training/Preparation

In the first module you will be able to develop the following skills:

v  Awareness of physical expression

v  Clarity in vocal expression

v  Control over body’s impulses

v  Expansion of concentration/focus capacity

v  Expansion of breathing capacity

v  Enhancement on the quality of overall well-being through stronger self-confidence and balanced posture

v  Awareness of the space and the body’s relation to it

v  General sense of relaxation

v  Lower levels of stress



-          Rudolf Laban’s Movement Analyses,

-          Tadashi Susuki’s Actors physical conditioning,

-          Jaques Lecoq use of body in space, and

-          Marcia Tannuri’s “The perception of the sound wave”

-          and last but not least: Yoga for actors.

Homework will be given to follow up on and prepare topics of each class. The homework will be of individual nature, focusing on observation and practice, and might involve reading of key text material that will be handed in in class.

2. Le Jeu/ improvisational games.

In the second module you will be able to develop the following skills:

v  Find the joy of being on stage

v  Find the game between partners

v  Enhance listening skills

v  Accepting your role within a group

v  Understand people’s roles within a group

v  Share leadership

v  Respect different opinions

v  Say yes to your partner

v  Utilize differences as an asset and not as a disturbance

v  Be inspired by other rhythms rather than yours

v  Find new ways of being/refreshing your way of being



Inspired by Mike Barnafather, Phillip Gaulier, Augusto Boal amongst others.


In this module homework will be all about group work. The participants will have to meet outside class hours to practice. People usually utilize the 30 minutes slot before classes, to finish on-site your work or work on details concerning the homework.

3. Creating a Solo Performance

These 5 last sessions will be utilized for the creation, execution, and finally presentation of 10-minutesolo performances. As a participant of this workshop you will experience the stage no longer as a student but as a performer.

The performances may be presented to the classmates or to special guests, which will be agreed in class in time and depends on the interests of the participants. The solos will be worked simultaneously with supervision in all three areas before the final performance:

v  Creation,

v  Developing a theme/ idea for the solo,

v  Execution

o   Identify which theatrical tools will better serve your ideas,

o   Select and weave methods and languages to be utilized such as Naturalism or Physical Theater.

o   Exploring the nature of a Performance: Costume, props, etc.

o   working on a “final product” to be presented to an audience.

Workshop structure

v  On-site curriculum lead by the instructor Marcello Bosschar in two-hours session (kl.19-21);

v  Classroom available to participants one hour before every session (kl.18-19) as opportunity for session preparation, including:

o   Preparing of homework

o   Rehearse scenes to be shown

v  Reviewing the previous class, discussions, homework reflections, will be first amongst participants (18.00-18.30), and followed by the presence of the teacher (18.30-19.00).

v  Homework: depending on the module, participants will receive individual or group homework, either by oral instruction or via handouts.


Marcello Bosschar

Marcello has extensive hands-on theater experience as artistic director, author, and acting instructor for government and private institutions in Scandinavia and Brazil. Furthermore, he has pursued in depth theater studies by world-class masters of contemporary theater. For a broader perspective on Marcello's CV and activities, please visit his blog.

Since 2001, Marcello is theater director, writer, instructor, and board member at the International Commedia School in Copenhagen, and also has been offering workshops for non-actors at Novo Nordisk. In 2012, he co-founded “Body/mind connections” creating two widely acclaimed workshops for theater acting and team building.


Participants/Target group:

The workshop is designed to accommodate participants with a very diverse background in theater and fluency in English language (reading, listening, and speaking). However, since the curriculum is long, there are selection criteria for prioritizing registration to committed and motivated participants.

Practical details

Ø  The workshop will run on Wednesdays from February 20th to June 12th at kl.18-21. The dates of the workshop are:

o   Module 1: 20/2, 27/2, 6/3, 13/3, and 20/3

o   Module 2: 3/4, 10/4, 17/4, 24/4, and 1/5

o   Module 3: 15/5, 22/5, 29/5, 5/6, and 12/6

Ø  Venue: Lokale No.19, Svanemøllenhallen, Østerbrogade 240, 2100 København Ø. Homepage:øllehallen

Ø  Number of participants: 13-20.

Ø Participation fee: 770 kr. for the entire workshop.

Ø Østerbro Lokaludvalg subsidizes 75% of the running costs of this workshop.


The registration covers the entire length of the workshop.

In respect for the organizers, other participants, and the funding granted by Østerbro Lokaludvalg, participants agree to participate in all modules of the workshop. If in doubt, please contact the organizers.

For registration, please send us an email to by February 6th the latest, responding with 2-3 lines in the two following questions:

v  Why you want to join this workshop? What motivates your participation?

v  Will you be able and committed to participate in the whole workshop program?

We can have up to 20 participants and will be giving first priority to motivated and committed participants.

Once we receive your email, we will send your access card for the Billetto website:


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