Trypical Cumbia, Mambe & DJ Mescal (Support concert for the indigenous community of Wayúu, Colombia)

Jul 13 2017 20:00 - Jul 14 2017 00:00

Verdens Kultur Center, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København

Join us for a magical night of Latin American rhythms with Trypical Cumbia, Mambe & DJ Mescal in support of the indigenous community of Wayúu in Colombia.

All profits will support the creation of the self-managed women’s cooperative (Waleker Wayùu) in La Guajira, Colombia, and will serve as the starting capital for their handcrafted production of traditional handbags that will be sold in Denmark, Chile and Italy.

The concert is organized in collaboration with Emergency Architecture and Human Rights and Verdens Kultur Centret

Trypical Cumbia:
Copenhagen based musical collective. Trypical Cumbia guarantees a straightforward Latin party in a street gypsy-style. Being the expression of the “mestizaje”, the traveling of people and the mix of cultures, you can expect an unpolished groove that collects whatever has been found in the travel from the deep Amazon forest, up to the Andean mountains, down to the Caribbean coast and crossing the Atlantic ocean til the streets of Europe.

Mambe & DJ Mescal:

Mambe usually performs in the duo Mambe & Danochilango but tonight she will perform with the Uruguayan DJ Mescal. Mambe & Danochilango are Sonic travelers, worthy citizens of the global village. Their music spans through genres as diverse as Tribal, Kuduro, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Balkan and Cumbia but they prefer to call it "Ethnic-Bass". They have shared the stage with artists such as Celso Piña, Bomba Estéreo, Pato Machete, Dengue Dengue Dengue and Frikstailers just to mention a few.

“Waleker Wayùu”

This event is a dancing party, however, the occasion is rather serious. Due to the impacts of climate change, violence and chronical institutional corruption, the indigenous community of Wayùu in Colombia is facing a critical humanitarian crisis. The expropriation of their territories for mining purposes, the lack of fresh drinkable water and proper quality infrastructures are threatening not only their cultural heritage but also their entire existence.

Due to the historic peace agreement between the Colombian government and Farc in 2016, Colombia has said no to violence and has embraced a new chapter of it’s history full of hope and new beginnings. The time has therefore never been more right to establish this project for the betterment of the Wayùu community.

Emergency Architecture & Human Rights, in collaboration with the local community-based organization Apunaja Foundation, has established a long-term strategy for a socio economic development of the Wayùu community and a general improvement of their quality of life through architectural and infrastructural interventions.

First step of this strategy is “Waleker Wayùu”, which translates to Wayùu women weavers. “Waleker Wayùu” is a self-managed women’s cooperative by the Wayùu community that will commercialize their handcrafted fair-trade handbags to an international market.

By establishing a solidarity fund within the cooperative, the revenue derived from the handbags will be destined to foster the socio economic development of the community in order to guarantee their access to water in time of scarcity, improve their quality of life and build resilience upon emergencies.


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