UPGRADE DH and COOL DH Innovation Workshop + Site Visit

Oct 09 2019 09:00 - Oct 10 2019 16:00

Parallelvej 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Welcome to the registration page of the two days event (9-10th October 2019) for the Innovation Workshop and Site Visit in relation to the EU projects UPGRADE DH and COOL DH. The event consists of:

  1. Innovation Workshop (COWI Denmark's headquarter, Parallelvej 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby (9.10.2019))
  2. Technical site visit in Lund, Sweden (9.10.2019 afternoon)
  3. Technical site visit in Copenhagen and Høje Taastrup, Denmark (10.10.2019)

Informal dinner will be arranged for participants on the 9.10.2019.


Only for UPGRADE DH project participants:
Here you can also register for the 3rd Progress Meeting of UPGRADE DH project, which will take place at COWI Denmark's headquarter on the 8th October 2019.


In the ticket list, you will find the registration for the individual part separately. Please, select only the parts where you will participate (note: the UPGRADE DH 3rd progress meeting is only for participants). 

Please register as soon as possible and not later than 6.9.2019


Hotel accommodation

Within 5-10 minutes walking distance from Copenhagen Central Station, it is possible to find many hotels. We suggest the following for your booking:

  • Wakeup Copenhagen (Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11, 1577 Copenhagen) or (Kalvebod Brygge 20, 1560 Copenhagen)
  • Absalon Hotel (Helgolandsgade 15, 1653 Copenhagen)
  • First Hotel Mayfair (Helgolandsgade 3, 1653 Copenhagen)


DAY 1 - 9th October 2019 - Innovation Workshops + Site Visit (Lund, Sweden)


The morning will be dedicated to the Innovation Workshop, where the innovations introduced by UPGRADE DH and COOL DH projects will be presented.

During the afternoon, the demo site of COOL DH project located in Lund (Sweden) will be the destination of the first part of the site visit.

DINNER: location coming soon.

DAY 2 - 10th October 2019 - Site Visit (continued). (Copenhagen and Høje Taastrup, Denmark)


The first part of the day will be reserved for the site visit of district heating production plants in Copenhagen area.

Afterwards, the site visit will continue to the COOL DH demo site located in Høje Taastrup (Denmark).

8th  October 2019 - UPGRADE DH 3rd progress meeting (Upgrade DH project participants only)


The day will be dedicated to the 3rd progress meeting of UPGRADE DH project. 

DINNER: location coming soon.

COOL DH Website (click here)

UPGRADE DH Website (click here)