Workshop med Blond & Bieber i algeprint

Jan 27 2017 10:00 - 15:00

Material Design Lab, Guldbergsgade 29, 2200 København

Algaemy - crafting our future colors

The huge potential of microalgae has been a subject of research in natural sciences for quite some time. Meanwhile the artistic and creative value of this resource is mostly undiscovered land. In the workshop ‚Algaemy - crafting our future colors’, we will explore the possibilities of crafting microalgae with screen printing techniques. Different species of algae provide us with a color palette that opens up a variety of experiments.

Algaemy colors are not light stable as usually known by the industry. they are non-toxic and the production and printing is designed as a completely self-sustaining process, the “biodynamic color palette” of algaemy textiles changes over time when exposed to sunlight, for example from green to an intense blue, from a pale pink to a bright red and eventually orange. Every piece of textile is telling a story over time. People change – so do textiles.

In a five hour workshop the participants will have the possibility to develop their individual ‚Algaemy‘ color palette, experiment with sceeenprinting and in the end we will aim for creating one collaborative piece.

Read more about Blond & Bieber and the Algaemy project

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