Discover the power of social

An automatic, self-service platform for promoting your event to a wider audience.

Your event on Facebook in just a few clicks

Use the Billetto Facebook Sync integration to add your event to Facebook in a couple of simple clicks.

Let your ticket buyers promote your event

Our social share tools are proven to help raise sales for event organisers. Ticket buyers are encouraged to tell their friends about your event and to invite others to take part.

Paid Facebook & Instagram ads

Published public Billetto events are automatically included in our paid Facebook & Instagram ads. Your event is exposed to more people & remarketing campaigns make sure that you do not miss a sale when an event page visitor does not complete the purchase.

Reach out for custom campaigns

We can help you create a custom dedicated campaign for your big event. Get in touch with our skilled support team to talk about advanced promotion opportunities.

Get social with us

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