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Sweet Sneak Studio

Sweet Sneak is a creative studio, helping companies improve their brand via food experiences. Hr. Meaner is a Venezuelan artist living in Copenhagen. Together, they’ve organised a food collage workshop in the centre of Copenhagen.

We sat down with Hr. Meaner and Brini from Sweet Sneak to hear more about the workshop and the way the studio uses Billetto for events.

What can people expect from the workshop today?

Hr. Meaner: We teamed up today for a food collage workshop with Sweet Sneak. We like the idea of bringing my collage background and their creative food approach and trying to figure out what we can do.

We’re going to use different vegetables and sweets and fruits with different shapes and flavours and colours to see how everyone interprets that and brings them together in different patterns and arrangements. Maybe some of them might even want to eat it at the end.

What’s Sweet Sneak Studio?

Brini: Sweet Sneak Studio is a creative agency where we work with communications and events with a focus on food.

Do you remember your very first event?

Brini: Our very first event was a pop up at one of our private apartments in Nørrebro. We didn’t know if anyone would show up at all, but we decided the biggest risk is that we’d have to eat a lot of cake ourselves. The event actually went quite viral. We had more than 100 people in our apartment, eating cake and drinking coffee with us.

What’s your current biggest challenge?

Brini: What’s challenging is to play around with new concepts. We’re not just doing a pop-up cafe anymore, but also concepts like this, where we’re starting to experiment a bit more with the medium of food and communicating that. So it’s not just people who come and enjoy some food with us, but that they actually have to be involved in it as well.

Why would you recommend Billetto to other organisers like you?

Brini: We use Billetto because it’s the most convenient platform to sell tickets. It’s pretty much because it’s very easy to set up and because it’s so well-known in Denmark. Everyone has a profile, so it’s super easy for our guests to get the ticket.

Check out more of Hr.Meaner's work on his page and follow Sweet Sneak Studio's upcoming events on their site.

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