Champagne Masterclass

11. Oktober 2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Vintage Champagne, Nørre Søgade 21, 1370 København

Has it been too long since you tasted some really good champagne? Well, then join us for the upcoming tasting and we will quench your thirst!

At this tasting, you will be guided through the area of Champagne by tasting 5 different champagnes of the highest quality.

We will taste both non-vintage and select vintage champagnes made of the different grapes, which are allowed. One of the vintage champagnes you will taste is from the highly acclaimed and possibly the best vintage since 1976... the vintage of 2008! You will learn much more about the region, method of production, rules and regulations and so much more in a beginners friendly environment in the company of our good friends from Vintage Champagne.

As you know, keeping the ticket prices low is a high priority for us. Unfortunately, bubbly French is expensive - in particular so, when you slap a label on with a specific year. The reason for this is that vintage champagne represent the best and most exclusive of what is produced in Champagne, where only the best grape material is selected for the cuvées. Quite a few vintage champagnes are not produced in bad years.

At this tasting, the ticket price is DKK 250 for tasting the 5 different and unique champagnes.

We look forward to seeing you!

CBS Wine


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