Circling day

3. Mai 2020, 10:00 - 19:00

Hvf. Frederikshøj 176, 2450 Copenhagen

We welcome you to a day of circling in our home. 

With circling we bring a meditative acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment. When we slow down, focus and reveal what is happening between us here and now, we create space for deeper meetings with the people around us, and deeper intimacy with ourselves.

Circling is about bringing our presence, aliveness and vulnerability into connection with another person or a group. Through circling we develop our sensitivity and empathy. We build capacities to better understand our body-beings and to communicate our boundaries and longings more clearly.

...“After my participation in Wuwei's September 2019 Immersion I can confidently say that I have fallen in love with circling. I had such an impactful and meaningful experience, that I would like to recommend everyone to explore the space that Peter and Ronja facilitate.”

...“I was blown away by the intensity and honesty that was present last weekend. It is really hard to write words about something that left me speechless afterwards. Take a step of the beaten path and step into circling.”

...“I’ve been to two Circling Immersions with Wuwei and they’re just phenomenal. The space is really well held: safe yet broad, allowing for a richness of expression and even for conflict to be welcomed. This is some next level spaceholding and I highly recommend it.”


There will be sold a maximum of 15 tickets for the Circling event. A limited number of early bird tickets can be bought until the 1st of April.

Normal price: 650 DKK
Early bird price: 500 DKK

If you are somehow not able to pay the regular price you are welcome to contact us.


Peter Munthe-Kaas and Ronja Lofstad lives together in Copenhagen and has been leading circling events regularly since 2016. In 2019 they organized more than ten circling weekends and in 2020 they are co-hosting Circling Europe’s 6 month SAS training in Copenhagen.

If you want to know more about circling we recommend checking out the webpage of Circling Europe, where we have done our instructor trainings. From their webpage you can find quite a few nice resources on the practice.-

Ticket 650,00 DKK + 53,74 DKK gebyr
Early bird ticket Ikke tilgjengelig