CopenX Realities 2018 - Immersive technology conference

18. April 2018, 08:30 - 19. April 2018, 16:00

TAP1, Raffinaderivej 10 , 2300 København S

CopenX realities - Explore the possibilities and opportunities of Immersive Technologies with the leading minds in science, business, technology and media. The focus of CopenX is how technologies such as Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality, AI and Blockchain will impact existing business’, social and cultural structures.

Speakers and program to be announced at

CopenX realities 2018 is proud to present some of the best and the brightest on 18 + 19 April 2018 together with NextM @ TAP1. A ticket for CopenX realities also gives admission to the NextM conference.

Ticket Price 350 euro

CopenX program


Chris Bobotis: Wednesday 18th, 08:55-09:35

Director of Immersive at Adobe Systems Inc.

“Beyond the Screen”

Signe Ungermand & Maria Engermann: Wednesday 18th, 9:55-10:35

Co-founders of MANND

“Separate Silences: VR as an Immersive Installation”

Betty Mohler: Wednesday 18th, 10:55-11:25

Professor at Technical University of Darmstadt

“The use and importance of avatars and multisensory body awareness”

Future Phonic X Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam: Wednesday 18th, 11:25-11:45

David Miles Huber - producer and musician, Tom Pearce - producer, sound designer and composer and Richard Burki - founder of Future Phonic Studios

“Sound for Virtual Reality”

Deanna MacDonald: Wednesday 18th, 11:55-12:35

Co-founder and CEO of BLOC, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration

“Immersive Decentralised Economies”

Panel debate: Wednesday 18th, 13:00-13:30

Ida Auken MP, Kira Rich Creative Specialist at Google and Bo Grave Director of digital innovation at Rambøll

“Creating the Digital Workforce of the Future”

Andreas Cleve: Thursday 19th, 13:55-14:35

Founder & CEO,,

“Beyond Alexa”

Peder Sandqvist & Filippos Arvanitakis: Thursday 19th, 14:55-15:35

Experience Director & Creative Director at Outhere

“Spaces In Places”

Philip Rosedale: Thursday 19th, 15:55-16:35

CEO and Co-founder High Fidelity Live High Fidelity

“High Fidelity live demo!

Breakout session

09:20-10:10: Breakout Session - Panel Discussion: Transforming healthcare with immersive technologies.

Panel: Thomas Saaby Noter - Khora, Søren Walther-Larsen - Doctor Rigshospitalet and Gorm Greisen. Chairman Etisk Råd.

13:40-15:10 Breakout Session - Panel Discussion: Lifting Enterprises into virtuality

Panel: Jens Lauritsen - Chief Product Officer, Virsabi and Mads Troelsgaard - CEO, Unity Studios.

14:40-15:10 Breakout Session - Thoughts and developments on AI in VR

Horatiu Roman - Chief Technical Unicorn, VRUnicorns and Julie Heyde - founder VRUnicorns


10:00-12:00 MOLAMIL

Baby steps and giant leaps: Getting started in in AR and VR as a brand.

14:00-16:00 Future Phonic Studios x Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam

Sound for Virtual Reality


Art panel: Thursday 19th, 08:55-09:35

Louise Alenius, composer, Tue Biering, director and Ida Kvetny, visuel artist.

“Pioneering artforms through immersive experiences”

Alexander S. Lopera: Thursday 19th, 09:55-10:35

Neuroanalyst at Neurons Inc.

“Why do introverts prefer to meet on VR? Insights from consumer neuroscience research on VR”

Ane Skak: Thursday 19th, 10:55-11:35

Founder, Immersive Stories

“VR as a journalistic tool - add a firsthand experience to change the political agenda”

Mark Melling & Frazer Hurell: Thursday 19th, 11:55-12:35

Head of studio and Creative Technologist at Ryot

“RYOT Augmented Reality : Reconnecting Digital to Bricks and Mortar”

Joakim Norman: Thursday 19th, 12:45-13:15

Creative director & designer at Molamil

Search for relevance: How to get started with VR & AR as a brand

Bobby King: Thursday 19th, 13:20-13:50

Founder and Emerging Technology Strategist at Rock Paper Reality

“Blockchain and the Coming Metaverse”

Gwen Coble: Thursday 19th, 14:00-14:25

EMEA Workstations and Immersive Computing at HP

Sasha Samochina: Thursday 19th, 14:35-15:15

Immersive Visualization Producer - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“The Science of Today is the Art of Tomorrow”

Breakout session

10:40-11:10 Breakout Session - Mads Damsbo, MAKROPOL

CopenX session

12:40-13:10 Breakout Session - Littlestar, Rethinking the Social Contract

CopenX session


10:00-11:00 Mettle:

Beyond the Skybox

12:00-13:00 Danish Sound Meetup

13:15-14:00 Meet Nordic VR Starup

NextM is a tech-conference focusing on how technology impacts media and marketing.

At CopenX realities you can learn about the impact of immersive-technology on cultural and socioeconomic structures, and how this will shape our future. We will feature keynote speakers in the fields of technology, entertainment, business, science, politics, NGO’s and media during two days of in-depth and innovative speaks, debates, workshops and networking.

The potential for these technologies to reshape our society presents an untapped opportunity for bettering our world while offering a bright, yet uncertain future. But also presents new challenges.

Conference ticket 18 + 19 april 2018 - Keynote speakers, debates, workshops and networking events.

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Student Conference ticket 18 + 19 april 2018 - Keynote speakers, debates, workshops and networking events.

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