Skin Tonic & Woven Wounds

Staldgade 26-30, 1699 København V
27 okt 2019 15:00 - 16:00
Biljetter 25,00 DKK
Biljetter 25,00 DKK

Which wishes make witches?

Genre: Dance/choreography
Stage: Lille scene

Which wishes make witches? Surfing through hazy dreams full of stored and forgotten memories. Intuition is calling for its own arrival and leaving flashes of what one’s heart really aches for.

This piece has been workshopped during one week of Eksil at HAUT prior to the festival.

Read more about the work and the artists here:

Skin Tonic & Woven Wounds is part of Y Choreography - the choreographic festival of HAUT. Check out the full festival program here:

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Skin Tonic & Woven Wounds

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