Organiser profile: Annette Lolck

Annette Lolck is a dance instructor and choreographer based in Denmark. She started her career and discovered her passion for dance at the end of the 90s while being a part of a local pop group (Diskofil).

Now, she teaches dance to children of different ages, paving the way for new talent. She enjoys helping youngsters discover their dance talent and build confidence in their performance.

We asked Annette to tell us a bit about how she uses Billetto to arrange classes and workshops at Recommendation - the dance studio she owns.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the events you organise with Billetto.

My name is Annette, I’m 40 years old and I’m a dance instructor and choreographer. I work with kids from the age of 6 - 16 and I organise different events: from summer camps to parties and shows.

How did Billetto help you with organising your events and workshops?

I enjoy using Billetto, because it’s easier for me to manage my events. I can quickly see my guest list, in case my event has changed location, for instance.

So, we guess the guest list is your favourite feature, then?

And also the fact that I can see how fast the sales are going. To manage how fast I sell. But yes, the guest list is my favourite.

Would you recommend Billetto to other dance instructors?

I definitely think that other dance instructors or choreographers that would like to do shows or organise events should use Billetto. They just have to set it up as they would on their own home page or Facebook, it's that simple.

And when it comes to clients and customers - they also think the way it's organised is professional. So I can definitely recommend Billetto to instructors.

What are the 5 most important things to remember when you organise a dance event/workshop?

  1. It should look professional. I always choose a good picture.
  2. The setup should be easy for the customer - the overview of the tickets should be simple. And Billetto can easily do that. It’s important to add more different types of tickets with different prices and different types of classes for the style (e.g. Jazz or Street Dance).
  3. Information. There should be plenty of space to put the information in - what to expect from the class, etc.
  4. You shouldn’t spend too much time on setting things up.
  5. Keep an eye on the ticket sales and see how fast or slow the tickets are selling.

Check out Annette's profile to learn more and see her upcoming classes/workshops

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