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Copenhagen Photo Festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival


Copenhagen Photo Festival

More than what meets the eye

Every year Copenhagen Photo Festival presents between 30-50 exhibitions dispersed throughout the Copenhagen region and Scania, several of which take place in our designated Festival Center on Refshaleøen.

The Festival Center exhibitions are focused on presenting inspiring and talented international artists within both art and documentary, that have never been presented in Denmark before. The artists are found through an international open call and selected from several hundred applicants from all over the world.

The focus of the festival center exhibitions is to challenge the 'white cube' mindset and host exhibitions that expand the usual understanding of how we engage with photography – as art and documentary.

CPF strives to break the established frames of photography and present the audience with both indoor and outdoor exhibitions in our venue FRAME and the surrounding exhibition park, Beddingen, and in a sustainable way engage with its surroundings as well as society, identity and visual culture.

The festival center also host numerous talks, workshops and family/school activities. It is placed in the sweet spot between Reffen Street Food, the international art space Copenhagen Contemporary, the biodynamic restaurant Øens Have, Lille Bakery and much more.