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Talaka - Venner af Belarus i Danmark

Talaka - Venner af Belarus i Danmark


Talaka - Friends of Belarus in Denmark was established as an association in September 2020. Talaka, meaning “communal work” in Belarusian, is inspired by the Belarusian pro-democratic movement, and is working towards common goals of bringing democracy to Belarus. The association is working on a large number of initiatives - including expanding knowledge about Belarus in the Danish society and enhancing cultural, economic and humanitarian cooperation between Belarus and Denmark. Talaka is aiming to unite citizens and organizations connected to Belarus in Denmark and to help local Belarusians with their integration into the Danish society.

Membership in Talaka is open for everyone who wants to support the fight for freedom and democracy in Belarus. Read more about Talaka and how you can support our work at: www.talaka.dk