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CPF x Imagine5: Organiseret Vildskab - Screening & Panel

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CPF x Imagine5: Organiseret Vildskab - Screening & Panel

Fra DKK 110,00



08 jun 2023 kl. 16:30 - 19:00


Why settle for a barren world? Discover the growing significance of rewilding nature as we combat biodiversity loss and climate change with a film screening of Organiseret Vildskab and panel discussion with the director, Phie Ambo. Added bonus, your ticket to this event grants you full access to the Copenhagen Photo Festival from 1 - 11 of June at Refshaleøen.

In Denmark, we have only half to 2 percent of wild nature left. This makes us the second most cultivated country in the world.

That is why the film, Organiseret Vildskab, was created. Its intention is to be a magnifying glass on how we can rewild Denmak, to reach the goal of 30% protected nature (land and sea) by 2030, and make us curious about what Danish nature really is.

Join us in the screening of Organiseret Vildskab followed a panel discuss with the director, Phie Ambo.

We are excited to share a conversation around how can we rewild Denmark, what will the transformation realistically look like and how can individual citizens do their part to ensure we get there.

  • 16:30 - Welcome & Screening of "Organiseret Vildskab"
  • 17:30 - Panel + Q&A
  • 18:30 - Delve into guided reflection & get to know the panelists and one another
  • 19:00 Closing of Event

The panel will be led by Alexander Holm (podcast host and Den dyriske Time) and include the perspectives Phie Ambo (director), Rasmus Willig (Andelsgaarde) and Hannah Elbke, an exciting up-and-coming director.

This event is created in collaboration with Bio-Bio who disseminates the green transition through documentaries, talks and theatre.

*Your ticket gains you access to all exhibitions and activities at CPF at Refshaleøen 1 to 11 June. Simply show it to CPF staff at entrance.

*The movie will be screened in Danish with English subtitles and the panel discussion will be hosted in English.


What is ‘Organiseret vildskab’ about?

Denmark is, after Bangladesh, the most cultivated country in the world. This can be seen in our biodiversity, which has plummeted since the 1980s. We actually have less than two percent of wild nature left in Denmark, and something must now be done about that.

The Danish Nature Foundation has acquired a large area in Hammer Bakker with production forest, which is to be converted into wild nature with large grasses, butterflies and, with a little luck; a golden eagle or two. It is Denmark's largest forest project and the rewilding of Hammer Bakker in a way forms a kind of vanguard for the 15 nature national parks that the government has decided must be created in the future.

Organiseret Vildskab is about the process in which we all – both humans and animals – must participate in order to save the pieces of Danish nature.

Because how do you make something wild that has been tamed for so long?

Organiseret Vildskab is about how we humans can be included in the great narrative that is of nature.


Who are the panelists?

Phie Ambo

Phie Ambo, a Danish filmmaker and director of “Organiseret Vildskab,” has been actively involved in climate and nature exploration for the past decade. Her documentary, which began filming in 2018, focuses on the rewilding of Hammer Bakker and delves into the challenges faced by the municipality in reconciling the needs of conservation and the local population. By showcasing different perspectives, the film aims to stimulate dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of nature, especially within the context of establishing nature national parks in Denmark.

Rasmus Willig

Meet Rasmus Willig, a Ph.D. sociologist and captivating lecturer at Roskilde University's Department of Society and Globalization. Known for his sharp wit and eloquence, Rasmus is not one to shy away from a debate. With a background in writing for the renowned newspaper Information and contributing to Politiken's school of critics and debaters, he challenges contemporary ideas like coaching, resilience, and self-management. In his thought-provoking book "Hvad skal vi svarve?" published in 2017, Rasmus delves into jubilant optimism as a powerful tool that diverts attention from the harm inflicted on both people and nature.

Alexander Holm

Alexander Holm is a biologist with a passion for nature conservation and communication. He has immersed himself in various roles, such as hosting the popular podcast “Den Dyrske Time,” lecturing, engaging in debates, and actively participating in the world of nature enthusiasts. Through his podcast, he brings the latest news from the animal kingdom and offers a unique perspective on biodiversity, often featuring experts who share fascinating insights into the diverse aspects of wildlife. Alexander’s work serves as a gateway to staying connected with nature’s ever-evolving stories and the important issues at the forefront of conservation. He has even started his own efforts with Den Dyrske Forening.


Imagine5 is a non-profit impact media foundation co-creating a sustainable future. We aim to inspire and unite behind great ideas, through storytelling, partnerships and building an engaged community. We do this by sharing stories, supporting impact initiatives and connecting change-makers.


Copenhagen Photo Festival, Refshalevej 173c, 1432 København


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