[CPH] Mastermind Your Goals 2020

01 feb 2020 kl. 09:30 - 19:00

Villa Kultur, Krausesvej 3, 2100 København

"CPH-Mastermind Your Goals 2020" 👀


(This one-day workshop is designed for 20 people)
** Statistics show that most people fail their New Year's resolutions by early to mid-February. Don't be most people! **

We invite anyone who believes the right people in the right place at the right time can create something special - from forming valuable contacts, to defining goals for 2020 and conducting Mastermind sessions on how to achieve them.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 1st for a full-day workshop where you will have the opportunity to:

🔥Take stock of the past year, what you have achieved, what you have learned and what you wish to improve.

🔥 Take the most popular test in the world to discover what makes you the happiest - The Passion Test with Stoyan Yankov, trained and certified by the creator of the test, Janet Atwood.

🔥 to shape your vision for the next 10 years, defining your short-term (2020) and long-term goals, as well as the actions (mini-habits) related to your goals. Simon Skipper will guide you through the 6-step process called "Visioning".

🔥Get ideas, support and feedback on your goals and how to reach them from the other participants through Masterminding. Each participant will be able to sit in the so-called Mastermind Hotseat and get advice, ideas and different perspectives from people with different backgrounds and different expertise.

🔥 Meet inspirational, ambitious and positive people.Get individual attention and feedback from Stoyan and Simon.🔥 Finally, celebrate this quantum leap of a day with a drink in a pleasant atmosphere with wonderful company and start your year in the best way!

Your full-day pass includes:
👉 Reflection on the year of 2019

👉 The Passion Test workshop

👉 The Workshop "Visioning - Smart Goal-setting"

👉 Mastermind session focusing on your 2020 goals

👉 Coffee break including coffee, tea, water and snacks.

👉 Celebration drink - in pleasant company.

🎤 Speakers 🎤
Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan is the co-founder of Samodiva Masterminds, whose focus is organizing Mastermind events that attract business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.Stoyan is a lecturer who has delivered +100 speeches, workshops and trainings in +15 countries on topics related to productivity, entrepreneurship, mastering and personal development.Stoyan holds a Master's degree in Finance from the University of Aarhus, where he was working as a film and video producer until he recently fully dedicated himself to helping people and companies be more efficient, productive and to grow.Through the last 5 years, Stoyan has created many Mastermind groups as a tool for developing human potential and happiness.

Simon Skipper
Simon Skipper is the CEO/Transformational Photographer of Skipper Photography, keynote speaker, certified creative empowerment coach from Emographics / Tony Robbins Mastery University, entrepreneur and world traveler. Simon has won multiple national and international awards for his documentary photography work and photographed everything from the refugee crisis to astronauts and the Queen's birthday. He has been the co-author of several books in the bestselling Startup Guide series and a succesful entrepreneur for 10 years, featured on stages and in an array of podcasts and articles.
He credits his success and growth largely to his regular work with mentors, coaches and Mastermind groups, as well as to thousands of hours spent in personal development work and adventures in +50 countries.


Samodiva Masterminds organizes different types of events (retreats, summits, workshops) in order to create a community of successful and growing personalities who help each other in their development by sharing knowledge, experience and ideas.