Jason Box: The Greenland Ice Sheet and the future of our planet

13 nov 2019 kl. 19:00 - 21:15

Chr. Hansen Auditoriet, Bartholinsgade 4A, 1356 København

Vin & Videnskab / Jason Box: The Greenland Ice Sheet and the future of our planet

Jason Box is professor in glaciology and a renowned expert in the Greenland ice sheet (Indlandsisen) and climate changes. He has participated in 30 scientific expeditions to Greenland, been a lead author of several significant reports on climate changes in the Arctic and regularly appears in the media around the world debating climate issues. 

Jason Box’s 26 years of research in the Arctic have documented dramatic changes in the ice and snow, resulting from a climatic system out of balance. He was first-author of a large-scale study published in April 2019 showing that global warming is pushing the Arctic towards and “unprecedented state”.

Tonight, he will bring us along on fieldwork in one of the most remote and harsh places on the planet, the Greenland Ice Sheet, and give us insights into the most important revelations his research has brought about. Then he will zoom out and look at the climatic changes on a global scale. Where are we heading? And how can humanity, in the 11th hour, gain control of the catastrophe we are facing? 

A glass of wine will be served during the intermission (included in the price). 

NB: The talk will be in English.

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