Make your own book bag

25 maj 2019 kl. 11:00 - 13:00

Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek, Jagtvej 227, 2100 København

Family Club and Caitlyn from Aeipthy Studio are excited to host a book bag workshop at Øbro Jagtvej Library. :)

Working with vegetables and fruits as our stamps, we will create fun patterns and prints. Exploring what makes a pattern, colour and composition we can see vegetables in a whole new light! We will print on natural cotton bags that will serve as the perfect book bag for your next trip to the library. This workshop can get a little messy, so please wear old clothes!

The event is open for all ages. The event will start at 11.00 at the ground floor.

Practical Information:
Where: Øbro Jagtvej Library, ground floor
When: May 25th.
TIme: 11:00 -13:00
Tickets: Free (please only book for the children attending)

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