Workshop with Huai Hsiang Wang (Howard) from Taipei:

14 sep 2019 kl. 09:00 - 18 sep 2019 kl. 20:00

Gladsaxe Sportshal (Vandtårnsvej), 2860 Søborg, 2860 Søborg

Howard is son of the famous Taiji and Praying Mantis Master, Wang Chieh.
It is the third time I arrange a workshop with him and this time it will include a very speciel event.
Apart from the weekend workshop, he will do a 5 days intensive training (including the weekend) for serious practitioners who wants to dig deeper into his system.
It means that there will be more than one way to sign up.

September 14. - 15. (the weekend), 9 am - 5 pm.
Place: Gladsaxe Sportshal, Vandtårnsvej 95, 2860 Søborg.
September 16. - 18. (weekdays), 4 pm - 8 pm.
Place: Sydhavnen

Price weekend workshop: 225 euro (1700 Dkr)
Price the whole event: 375 euro (2800 Dkr.)

It will be possible to sign up for private sessions with Howard during the weekdays from September 16. - 18.
All private sessions has to be booked through me.

The theme of the workshop will be Howards approach to the foundation of his system, and the weekdays will focus on Qinna, "freeplay", etc.

The workshop is absolutely not limited to participants with an interest in Martial Art (Howard actually claims that the Martial Art do not have his interest anymore), but not least people who works as bodyworkers, physiotherapists, Osteopaths, personal development, effortless movement, spirituality, etc. will benefit greatly from the content of this workshop.
Partner work will be central just like Howard now and then when he finds it suitable will share his vast knowledge within philosophy. The number of participants is limited – so do not hesitate to sign up.